SOU Students Ready for a Pit Stop

Pita Pit has been operating for a little over a week near SOU’s campus, and owner Trevor Kendrick is already reaping the benefits of being open until 3am on the weekends.  According to Kendrick, Saturday was the busier of the two nights, and received more business between the hours of midnight to 3am than the rest of the day combined.  He envisions Pita Pit to be a popular option for SOU students during the winter as Pita has late hours and is so close to campus.

Kendrick sees the locational move as one of the company’s foundational pillars. “It’s definitely what Pita Pit strives for,” the owner said. “Opening up on or near campuses is what we’re known for.  That’s how they got started; opening up near universities.”

The new Pita Pit, which is between SOU’s upper and lower campus next to 7/11, has already gained traction with SOU students. “I love Pita Pit.  I really do.  I have a 3 hour lunch and I hate the lunch on campus.  I love how convenient Pita is,” says student Kaila Calhoun.

Photo from PIta Pit Fan Facebook Page
Photo from PIta Pit Fan Facebook Page

According to Kendrick, Pita Pit is student-friendly, as all of his employees are students and the menu and prices are catered toward smaller budgets.  Each pita is around $5-$7 and all SOU students and faculty will be offered a discount.

The Pita Pit USA website states, “People want an exciting alternative to fast food restaurants – a place with great tasting food that’s healthy, fresh, and still served fast.  So Pita Pit ditched all the heavy breads and buns, along with the higher carbs and fat.”

Kendrick also added that everything on the menu is healthy and low-calorie with choices of different cheeses and a grill option.

Pita Pit was founded in 1995 in Kingston, Ontario.  In 2005, a group of Idaho-based investors bought the rights to Pita Pit USA which brought the Canadian business to the US.  Today, there are over 500 locations in 11 countries.

The other Pita Pit in Ashland is downtown near O’Ryans Irish Pub.  It is currently closed for seasonal reasons and will reopen on February 22nd.  The downtown Pita has been there since 2008, when Kendrick helped get it started, but he has only owned it for the past 2 years.