Surviving Finals, Tips from Pros

finals week graphicWith the impending dread of finals week fast approaching, we at The Siskiyou spoke with some students, who have been through the ringer before, about how to best prepare for and deal with finals.

One thing upperclassmen are in agreement on is, finals get easier.

“They have gotten easier because I am at a point where I know exactly how to prepare myself,” said Jordan Rosenbach a senior entering his last year at SOU, “this is a skill I learned from repetition, one of the benefits of the quarter system at SOU.”

“Finals are definitely not the scary monster under my bed anymore,” said SOU student Dari Bohn, “like usually I know what study methods work for me.”

Some students note how finals become progressively easier as the terms go on. “Freshman year finals were long as f***. Now it’s like write a paper bring in food the last day and talk about the class,” said Ahsante Foree, who is entering their third year at SOU. As students get general education classes out of the way, their classes become more focused on their major, and hopefully interests.

When dealing with the stress of dead week experienced students emphasize the need to watch your stress levels and take periodic breaks when needed. “To manage stress I usually am like, treat yo self and get a lunch combo at Creekside and take an hour off,” said Bohn. “I rest when I can,” said transfer student Elena Zamarripa-Gray, “I watch Netflix as a way to rest myself.”

“Managing my time is easier when I break up the work load throughout the days and weeks before finals,” added Rosenbach who also noted the need to keep your body healthy “I also exercise regularly and make sure I eat healthy.”

Not all students are the same however, senior Wesley Klevesahl, says that he only takes breaks when he absolutely needs to, and can really relax after finals are over, “I’m pretty radical so I only take breaks when I really need them after like being up for the past two days,” Klevesahl said.

“My schedule is belligerent so finals don’t really intimidate me. I just keep up with homework each week and hunker down the last week or so,” said Klevesahl. “I just try really hard not to feel like shit when the last week rolls around.”