Student Rec Center Fee to Increase Winter Term

Construction on the new Student Recreation Center Continues

On Wednesday the Student Recreation Center (SRC) Committee of five opted, in a unanimous vote, to keep with the decision made last year to increase the current recreation center student fee of $75 per term to $95 per term starting in Winter of 2018. This fee will remain the same once the center opens per the committee’s decision. The extra $20 will result in an estimated $80,000 more to be added to the SRC operating fee. 

According to an email from the the Director of Campus Recreation, Hugues Lecomte, “The operating funds pay the following: Staff and student wages, operating costs (phones, computers, contracts, utilities, equipment, maintenance), programming, bond payments (set amount per year).”  

When the decision for the increase was originally made, it was to help offset costs with the center’s opening. However, per the minutes from last month’s meeting Lecomte said, “The contractors leave the building in mid-February at that point we move-in and do training, etc. prior to opening.”

Paige Miller, a student who attended the meeting hoping to convince the committee not to move forward with the increase in student fees now that the center will not be open in the coming term, spoke during the meeting. She wondered if the committee might consider a “happy medium” and charge students an extra $10 per term, rather than $20– at least until the center opens. After the meeting, Miller said, “I am not happy with the outcome.” She continued, “I was hoping to see more of a happy medium where that $20 would have been reduced slightly, but the committee clearly didn’t see it that way.”

Kingsavardkied Harvin spoke to a different perspective. “I felt it’s a reasonable decision. It’s for future students,” he said.

Emma Kincade, the Athletics and Recreation Senator and voting member of the committee said, “It was a hard discussion, but I think we came to a fair conclusion.”

Kayla Douglas, another member of the committee agreed, “All of us on the committee are paying it [the fee increase] too. The decision was made in the best interest of the students.” She continued, “The little extra money which is like one good meal a term is going to come back around and benefit all of us.”

The committee also concluded that Faculty and Staff will pay $40 a month to use the recreation center, and a day, guest pass will be offered at $7 per day. There is no official date, yet, on the next SRC meeting. However, ASSOU Director of Recreation, Outdoor & Athletic Programs, Dakota Gonzalez expects to discuss alumni access at the next meeting. 

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