Case vs. Rogue vs. Noble: The Best Coffee in Ashland

This week, Case Coffee Roasters was pitted against Rogue Valley Coffee Co. and Noble Coffee, and voted the best Ashland coffee shop in our first weekly poll.

Case Coffee Roasters is an Ashland based coffee shop that was established in 2006 by Kati and Tim Case and has since grown to two local locations. It’s easy to understand what makes this coffee shop so popular. As soon as you enter their store on Lithia Way you are met with trendy, bright, and minimalist décor, making it a unique stop to get your coffee. Everywhere you look there is greenery and plenty of bench seating which adds to its welcoming and cozy aura. Their other location on Siskiyou Blvd, which is also their roastery, is a short walk from the SOU campus, making it a perfect stop for college students to get a quick caffeine fix to get them through class.

Their menu is simple, yet delicious, ranging from house-roasted coffee to fresh pastries. There are your normal coffee options like espresso, cappuccinos, lattes, and mochas, but you are also offered a variety of other beverages such as cold brews and seasonal drinks. Each drink is made with precision and care, and it is obvious that their attentive and kind staff genuinely enjoy working there.

Their website is full of information, videos, and even instructions on how to brew your own coffee. The best part is that it tells the story of how this place came to be and how both owners strived to make a coffee shop where they serve their customers the best product available by knowing exactly how the coffee is grown and produced. “Tracing our coffee back to the soil in which it grows allows us to learn the story behind the coffee and share it with you.” Kati Case, Co-Founder, said on their website.

If for some reason you have not checked out Case, don’t walk, RUN to get your first taste. Chances are, you’ll go in for a cup of coffee and leave with pastries and a bag of your own beans to make their magical brew at home.

Check out Case’s website for more information. Follow our Instagram and Twitter to vote in our next poll.

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