BODYlogues is Back at SOU!

Image Credit The BODYlogues on Instagram

Many exciting events are happening at SOU this winter term, and one annual event is the BODYlogues event put on by the GSWS 410 class! For those unaware, BODYlogues is a variety show filled with original dramatic monologues, poems, paintings, photography and music that focuses on body positivity. This being a part of a GSWS class means it also has a heavy emphasis on body issues pertaining to race, gender, sexuality, ability, size and health. 

The BODYlogues mission statement is “In the BODYlogues, we aim to encourage public discourse which addresses systems of privilege, hierarchies of power, societal mistreatment of bodies, and the expectations placed upon them. Through this, we seek to challenge toxic cultural expectations and promote full autonomy and sovereignty. Our goal is to help foster bodily acceptance and pride so that this may someday be more widely practiced.”

When is the show? How can you submit? This week The Siskiyou got to interview the GSWS 410 class with professor Carey Jean Sojka. A submission to BODYlogues can be almost any form of art that is a statement on the artist’s personal experiences with their bodies and how it interacts with their gender, feminism, and queer theory. Ultimately, it is up to the artist to decide on what they would like to submit. The GSWS class is in charge of setting up the event, which will be virtual this year because of COVID-19. Along with a live event there will be a website so those who are unable to attend the event may see what art pieces were submitted. Anyone, regardless of body type, can submit to BODYlogues.

GSWS 410 is better known as Feminist and Queer Theory in Action, and this year will be the seventh annual BODYlogues event; the project itself was started by students. The idea of the class and project specifically is to put a theory learned in class into action in the real world. In 2016 Carey Jean Sojka asked her students what kind of project they would like to do and they decided on creating BODYlogues. Each year her students are asked if they would like to continue with the project for the next year, and so far the answer has been a resounding yes. 

The deadline for performed pieces at BODYlogues has passed, but they are accepting non-performance pieces until February 11, 2022. The event will be on February 23, 2022 over Zoom, and they are inviting people via social media, flyers, and Zoom tabling. If you can not attend the event, a recording of it will be available on their website! There is an Instagram page for BODYlogues @thebodylogues. 

They hope to see a lot of submissions and hope to see a lot of people at this fun event this winter term!

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