ASSOU 3/8/2022 Meeting Recap

The meeting started at 6:02 PM with no objections to the agenda.

This is the final ASSOU meeting of the term.

Speaker of the Senate Keeley Reiners said that SOU’s mask mandate would be gone on March 19th, and in Spring, students living in the resident halls will be able to bring in guests living off-campus to their rooms.

Presiding Justice James Miller has said that the final bylaws meeting will be this Thursday, the 10th. Those who chair the meeting will need to put it into their Google calendar.

Mason said that SFAC was happening that night and created a graphic for the elections timeline. Judicial mentioned that they got their final meeting on Thursday, plus completion of the bylaws.

The administration mentioned the Stevenson Union wanted to determine the comfortable levels on how students feel about the lifting of the mask mandate on March 19th. So they gave out roughly 550 buttons that students can wear on how they feel about wearing a mask.

OSPRIG updated the food they collected for the food pantry, which totaled at over 100 pieces of food from the food drive, participated in the renewal energy petition for Oregon, and helped get to over 100,000 signatures of various students all across different schools in Oregon.

RHA mentions that they are redoing the Residents Hall Association Constitution, and Mason is acting as a consultant.

Clubs & Organizations Senator Julissa Taitano mentioned there will be holding a club involvement carnival on April 12th. Also, she will be ordering cords for club leaders to wear during graduation for those graduating this Spring.

ROAP Senator Mia Santander, Woman’s wrestling is going to nationals on Saturday, men’s wrestling made 19th in nationals, there is a la cross-game on the campus this Saturday.

Non-Traditional Senator Bekah Kenney mentioned an open education resources panel that happened earlier that day to help give financially underserved students more resources for their education.

Old Business: ASSOU will be tabling at the Hawk, Stevenson Union, and possibly the library at least once every two weeks in the spring term for new members next term. Accessibility Senator Cede Manning is currently trying to get students with disabilities accommodations in student housing.

New business: There was a vote on the reorganization of the Bylaws section 11 EAC. The restructuring of this section to the bylaws needed three talking points and a vote to pass. After the three talking points, the reorganization passed with a vote of six for passing, zero for the veto, and one abstaining from the vote. Next, Keighley introduced SMART goals, which will have the ASSOU students who are graduating next year set themselves up for some big or small purpose for them to accomplish through ASSOU during their final term.

To close off the final ASSOU meeting for the term, Dallas has stepped down as an officer of ASSOU with his last day on the 27th.

Bekah gave another reminder for the “improv prom theme improv show” that Friday with an RSVP form on The Next Best Thing’s Instagram.

The adjournment of the ASSOU meeting was at 6:39 PM.

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