Successful Boba Event with Epic!

Image Credit Matcha Boba

Why were there so many people eager to get inside Matcha Boba House on a Wednesday night?

“Because it’s fun and it’s free!” This is the straightforward answer I got while we waited outside the door, and I can agree that all the best student activities are fun and free. On Wednesday, March 2nd, EPIC hosted another free event for SOU students. All students had to do was show up between 7 pm to 9 pm at the Matcha Boba House in downtown Ashland for a free drink. And those who were able to RSVP before the link got filled out also got a complimentary tote bag! The person to thank for organizing this event is Citlalin Zapata-Sanchez.  

There were two big reasons the turnout was so successful. Now that things have started to be less restricted with COVID-19, people are starting to go out again. Someone who had previously gone to many EPIC events told me it was their first one this year, citing the pandemic as the reason they had stopped participating. I got the chance to meet a friend of Citlalin on the bus ride there, and when they noticed the line to get inside, they appropriately responded with, “Free boba will do it!” It is fair to say that college students love free food and drinks, and that boba has become incredibly popular in recent years as it becomes more accessible. 

Before the event, I also talked to EPIC staff member Cella Rodriguez about being on the EPIC team. She shared how she enjoys seeing everyone’s ideas come to light. Her goal is being able to create events that decrease some stress, saying “if you’re able to help a student be less stressed for five minutes I’m all for it”.  She also brought up how it’s nice to see different social groups being able to gather together. Working for EPIC has given her the opportunity to participate in events that she missed out on previously; it speaks to being able to enjoy a complete college experience, and using chances available to meet your peers.

If you are looking for recommendations the next time you go and get boba, SOU student AJ told me her favorite drink there was the “earl gray lavender- some places don’t do it right but they do it perfectly here”. There are plenty of options on the menu for all taste preferences though, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they had chocolate milk boba tea, something not available at all boba shops I have gone to. I look forward to getting to try all of my go-to drinks there in the future. 

Some of the things I appreciated is the bus ride offered to get there, making it easier for some students to be able to attend. I was able to get from the Student Union back to residence halls with no problem. I hope more events like this take place downtown and offer this option. It is also nice to note that the 16 and 24 ounce cups at Matcha Boba House are reusable, making them more eco friendly. It also doesn’t hurt that their drinks are delicious; I personally enjoyed my strawberry milk tea!  

You can check out Matcha Boba House’s menu and see their aesthetically pleasing store on their Instagram, @matcha.ashland. For other upcoming EPIC events and information check out @souepic

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