SOU students speak up

Southern Oregon University students are concerned with the future of their education, and it is affecting how they vote this election season.

The race for Governor between John Kitzhaber and John Dudley is contentious, with both candidates running on platforms that involve education as one of their main focuses.

Kitzhaber, who has previously served as Oregon’s Governor, has a record with education that some SOU students are not impressed by. Zachary Avery said he wanted a Governor who would “follow through” with his promises about education.

Others found Dudley appealing for more than just his stance on education.  Christian Taft was more interested in Dudley’s ideas about private sector jobs.

There are other students who don’t have qualms with Kitzhaber. His newly proposed ideas about education seem strong to many, and they will end up voting for him this year.

Whichever candidate swings Oregon’s vote, the future of our state’s education system is up in the air as this election season comes to a close.

Story by Alyx Johnson

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