Thorndike Gallery host Andrew W.K. Morgan

A new display opened this month at Southern Oregon University’s Thorndike Gallery. This month features the abstract work of Andrew W. K. Morgan. The gallery features 19 select abstract pieces, all in the oil-on-panel medium.

The central theme, according to the artist’s statement, is that of memory; and the artist channels his own memories through his works. He describes a passage from author Virginia Woolf’s “The Lighthouse” as a summary of his intent. “The whole mass of the picture was poised upon that weight. Beautiful and bright it should be on the surface, feathery and evanescent…It was to be a thing you could ruffle with your breath; and a thing you could not dislodge with a team of horses.”

These 19 artistic works span the length and breadth of the color spectrum, each unique and yet similar at the same time. The artist speaks of “mining the past from the studio,” and that each piece represents a specific memory of his, among them a New England river, a graveyard in autumn, and a decommissioned fortress.

These stunning works will be on display for the remainder of February. For more information contact the department of Art and Art History at (541)552-6386.


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