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Neil Young to induct Tom Waits into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

On March 17, Neil Young will deliver the speech officially entering Tom Waits into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Waits has released 23 albums since 1973, running the musical gamut from blues and rock to jazz and vaudeville.  He has also appeared in 28 movies including, “The Fisher King,” “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” and “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus.”  Does Waits ever sleep?

A few of the other inductees are Neil Diamond, Alice Cooper and Dr. John.

Watch your ass!

Transgender hip-hop singer Black Madam is being sought for questioning in the death of a woman undergoing buttocks-enhancement surgery.

According to police, Padge Victoria Windslowe, 41, also known as Black Madam, was allegedly paid $1,800 to inject silicone into the buttocks of Claudia Aderotimi, 20, in a Hampton Inn hotel room in Philadelphia.  After the surgery Aderotimi became short of breath and complained of chest pains.  She was taken to a hospital where she later died.

Investigators searched Windslowe’s home for medical supplies, including syringes, silicone and Krazy Glue.

Seriously, they listed Krazy Glue.

Police had a search warrant, but Windslowe was not home and has since gone into hiding after the botched procedure.

Bob Dylan has six more books on the way

The first volume of Bob Dylan’s trilogy of memoirs, “Chronicles,” will soon be followed by the second and third volumes in the series.  Simon & Schuster has also inked an eight-figure deal with Dylan to release a book of dialogue from his radio program on Sirius/XM, as well as three more books that have yet to be revealed.

Dylan also performed at the Grammy’s on Sunday with Mumford & Sons and the Avett Brothers.

Dylan must be drinking as much coffee as Tom Waits.

Former Smashing Pumpkins bassist jailed

D’Arcy Wretzky has been jailed in Michigan for failing to appear at four court dates and neglecting to pay a ticket for “Animals Running at Large.”  The ticket was for a 2009 incident when her horses escaped her farm and ran through town.

Wretzky left the Pumpkins in 1999 and moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career that never developed.  Before moving, she was arrested in Chicago for possessing three bags of crack cocaine.

She has now joined the ever-growing list of terrifying celebrity mug shots.  It seems that whatever money she made in the Pumpkins was either spent on crack or too many unnecessary Botox lip-injections.

PJ Harvey to perform new album via the Internet

PJ Harvey’s new album, “Let England Shake,” will be performed in its entirety on Monday, Feb. 14, at 8 p.m. GMT (that’s noon for us).

The webcast will be live from Paris and can be viewed at, the French music site, Deezer, or the culture channel, ARTE.

If you miss it (and you probably will if you didn’t know about it before reading it here), my guess is that it will be very easy to find on the Internet, and very worth watching.

New Metallica project soon

Metallica’s lead guitarist, Kirk Hammett, said the band will enter the studio in May to record an album over the course of two weeks.

“It’s not really 100 percent a Metallica record,” said Hammett in an interview with Rolling Stone.  “Without getting too deep into it, it’s more a recording project than a bona fide Metallica album.  Whether or not we can pull it off in just two weeks remains to be seen.”

Beady Eye: Oasis 2.0

After Noel Gallagher’s departure from Oasis in 2009, the remaining members of the band are continuing to record and perform under the moniker, Beady Eye.  Their first album, “Different Gear, Still Speeding,” is due out March 1 in the U.S. with a tour to follow.

Liam Gallagher, the noisy, boorish, hard-drinking brother of Noel, has reportedly begun playing guitar and writing his own songs.  In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said he learned nothing about songwriting from his brother.

“Noel Gallagher wasn’t the first guy to write a song,” said Liam.  “He was writing from somewhere, and my stuff is coming from me and the people I listen to.”

Liam claiming to have learned nothing from Noel may not be the best selling point for the new album.

Thurston Moore to release new album

Thurston Moore, Sonic Youth sometimes-frontman, will release “Demolished Thoughts,” on Matador records later this year.  Beck produced the album.

Green Day’s “American Idiot” to tour

Their album “Ameerican Idiot” will tour as a full-fledged stage production later this year.


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