ASSOU Voter’s Guide

Editors note: All proposals were submitted by the candidates. The Siskiyou does not endorse any candidate running for any posistion. For more info on the upcoming elections visit

Executive Candidates

President/Vice President: Hassan Harris/Amanda Stucke

We will strive to be an accurate representation of the student voice at SOU, and work to maintain its positive power. The jobs of the president and vice president involve not only acting as the face of SOU students, but also to maintain transparency while improving access to a quality education and living/learning environment for all students. While we recognize that this is a challenging and somewhat ambiguous task, we plan to use the diverse experiences of our student representatives and the SOU administration to cohesively provide applicable and meaningful change.

Our extensive involvement, both on and off the SOU campus, is a true testament to our ability to be good leaders and recognize the value in diversity of opinions and points of view. We will use our ability to listen effectively and think critically about student and university needs, while having honest dedication to improving the living and learning environment for SOU students. We feel strongly that restoring cohesive, productive, and transparent student leadership through ASSOU is going to be the foundation for improving the student experience at SOU and in the Rogue Valley community. We are dedicated to listening to student needs and finding long-term, sustainable solutions — both at SOU and on the state and national levels.

Legislative and Senate Candidates

Arts and Performance: Erik Brown

I sat on senate and chaired Inter-Club Council last year. This year, I want to work on helping ICC with its transition to the new organization that it is moving to. I also I want to try and get a bike rack near the theater building and make sure our constitution is followed more closely this next year.

At-Large: Adam Evers

I was Senior Captain on my high school football team. I was also in student leadership in high school. I want to help distribute funds more fairly across all areas, and to make sure that every voice on campus is heard and represented. I am a hard and devoted worker, and I want to be able to make more of a change.

At-Large: Emery Way

I am a history student, a community activist and currently your at-large senator. I entered ASSOU with two goals, the first being to bring student government closer to the students they are supposed to represent; for too long ASSOU has existed as an isolated clique, too far from the general student body to hear their voice — the voice student government is supposed to amplify. The second goal I had was to break the trend of sandbox politics which pervades our campus, to endeavor to reinvigorate the feeling within this campus that we are a part of a community, and with that fact comes a responsibility to make that community better. If elected, I hope to expand connections between the student community and the senate and to take on a central role in issues which face the Ashland community as a whole.

Athletics: Nick Kurland

I am a sophomore from Cottonwood, California. I am a business major and I am finishing my first year here at SOU. I am currently a member of the SOU football team. As an athlete, I have noticed a strong disconnect between the general population of students and the sports teams. As the Athletic Senator, I believe I can change that. For many students Siskiyou represents an invisible boarder that divides the school between the general student population and the athletes. I believe promoting more interaction between the two groups will strengthen the Raider bond.

Athletics: Tommie Norton

I am fit to be this senator because I am an active member of the SAAC and already know about issues in this department. I am a three-time All-American wrestler and have represented SOU on a national stage. I intend to advocate the SOU athletic department and convey any issues that need addressed. I also plan to petition the vending machines back into SOU’s athletic department. This will substantially increase revenue that can be used to fund officials and other mandatory expenses.

Business and Social Sciences: Nick Conlin

I plan to give the business students the voice in the student government they deserve. I am the co-founder and president of SOU’s Jam Club, a member of the National Residence Hall Honorary, and a member of Pacific Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls. I am a business administration major.

Business and Social Sciences: Kendra Lawrence

I want to have professionals from the social science and business fields come to SOU and give presentations. Doing this will show people what kind of opportunities careers in these areas offer. In high school, I was a part of the Future Business Leaders of America. This group helped me to develop my leadership and business skills, which will help me to be a great senator.

Business and Social Sciences: Bill Tew

I would like to dedicate myself in a way that not only changes me, but enhances the student body as a whole. As a business major, I aspire to integrate a solid foundation of knowledge and experience coupled with determination and drive. I believe I have what it takes to enhance the lives and programs at SOU.

Campus Life and Housing: Katie Breen

I currently live in SOU Family Housing and I have been facilitating Family Housing Council meetings and helping with events. I am passionate about helping people and have always wanted to make a positive difference. I want to give everyone living in campus housing a fair and equal voice at SOU and build more of a sense of community. I will work hard to achieve my goals.

Clubs and Organizations: Emmett Arthur

Currently, I am a junior psychology major that have been associated with ASSOU student government for three years. My goals this year in fulfilling the role as Clubs and Organizations Senator will be to create a strong communication between student organizations and ASSOU, budgeting representation in student government, and event coordination with these groups. Another major goal will be to help create more student-run events for all SOU students to enjoy.

Communication and Literature: Patrick Duggan

I plan to widen the appeal, exposure, and readership of student publications and written works, as well as expand the influence of literature and communication students in student government. I want the communication majors and minors to have a more prominent voice in student government, and I believe I can provide that.

Computer Science and Mathematics: Katherine Gohring

I will improve student involvement in administrative and academic affairs at SOU. I will also fight for increased funding for SOU so that we can maintain our class offerings and keep tuition affordable. I will work hard to represent the interests of traditionally underrepresented students on our campus. I am a math minor and total nerd. I have good relationships with many of our faculty at SOU, which makes me very well-suited for an academically-oriented position.

Education and Health: Sierra Anderson

I want to have a voice in making SOU a better place by representing health and education majors in decisions that need to be made. I will do this by collecting information and input so that everyone’s say will be represented. I will also interact with the other senators frequently in order to make the best decision for SOU while representing education and health majors. I am a certified nursing assistant, a pre-nursing major, an anatomy student, and volunteer at a nursing home. My mother is an elementary school teacher, so I have a background in education. I have learned how to manage my time and the importance of being responsible.

Education and Health: Fiona Mattson

I plan on working toward making this campus a smoke-free environment or placing designated smoking areas around campus. Also, I would like to promote more awareness concerning health and education topics. I am suited for this position because I am a pre-nursing student who deeply cares about how education and health are promoted on this campus.

Environmental Affairs: Isaac Taylor

My name is Isaac Taylor and I hail from Bandon, Oregon. I am finishing up my freshman year here at SOU and find myself eager to help and serve others. There are many aspects of our society that are extremely wasteful and destructive and I hope to educate my peers of these and help make SOU a more environmentally and politically aware campus. I love the outdoors and the freedom we have in this country but unless we change our attitudes towards consumption and involvement we will not continue to have these pleasures.

Gender Equality and Sexual Diversity: Lisa Marie L. Michaud

I want to help stand up for gender and sexuality diversity using equality. To do this, I can help be the voice for those who feel they don’t have one. I also want to promote gender awareness and equality to those unaware of our gender binaries. I feel that I am a perfect candidate for this position due to my previous leadership experience.

International: Sohana Bakshi


1. – Promoting diversity.

2. – Helping international students solve their grievances.

3. – Getting more scholarship opportunities for the international students.

4. – Having more on campus job opportunities for the international students.

5. – Making sure that the new students are well settled and get the required guidance they need.

6. – Organizing better career fairs.

International: My-Linh Phan

Vote for My-Linh Phan, the passionate Executive member of both International Students’ Association and ASSOU, the current Multicultural Senator, who already made a difference on campus. Vote for me as your 2011-2012 International Senator! I am determined to raise awareness of Global issues, promote cultures’ exchanges and protect the rights of international students.

Multicultural: Jazmin Roque

My name is Jazmin Roque and this is my first year at SOU. I was a Raider Leadership Academy participant, I’m currently an ASSOU Intern, and I’m also running the Tuition Equity campaign on campus. I would like to continue representing you and strengthening the community here at SOU. Thank you and I hope you will give me the opportunity to do so.

Natural and Physical Science: Tosha Laughlin

I plan to continue awareness about the bad water on campus and continue the actions I have taken this year to get them fixed. I also plan to work on informing students in the science building about events more efficiently. I was a senator last year, so I know this position very well, as well as the way our senate works. I also am very acquainted with a lot of students and faculty in the science building, as well as work within the science building biology department.

Non-Traditional and Military Affairs: Rachel Paslay

I would like to be considered for ASSOU’s Non-Traditional and Military Affairs seat.  By definition, a “non-traditional student” is anybody who considers themselves a non-traditional student.  As a non-traditional student myself, I feel I can effectively represent others who identify as such, and it is my interest to serve the needs of all non-traditional students as best as possible.  In addition, I have already begun reaching out to student veterans and veteran affairs to receive input on issues such as whether or not military recruiters ought to be allowed on our campus.  I am passionate about serving the campus community.  It is my mission to represent students who all to often feel alienated on campus.  I would like the chance to speak for those students who have too frequently felt their voices stifled.  Thank you.

Non-Traditional and Military Affairs: Kirby Rider

I am Kirby Rider and I am running for the Non-Traditional and Military Affairs seat. I am a member of The Innovation Project.
Currently, I am the Speaker of the Senate, and I am looking for re-election to the ASSOU Senate this year.
I am dedicated to representing non-traditional students, and student veterans. I am also dedicated to minimizing the increases to the student incidential fee.

Stevenson Union: Sammi Wall

I petitioned onto senate in January and became one of the housing senators. I have had nothing but a blast learning the ins and outs of senate, helping with campaigns like WTF (Where’s the Funding), and helping with the Student Fee Process. As Stevenson Union Senator, I plan to help finish projects that the SUSC (Stevenson Union Steering Committee) have started, continue working on ways to make Stevenson Union a more enjoyable environment for students, and to think of new and creative ways to help make the Stevenson Union an environment that everyone can enjoy. Please make sure your voice is heard, and vote in this year’s election!

Student Rights: Sarah Marks

As the Student Rights Senator, I plan to have much of my focus be on the disabled community at SOU, partially because I identify with that community, but also because I strongly believe that it is an underrepresented group at SOU. I want to promote education about different disabilities, as well as provide a voice in the Student Government for students with disabilities. I am interested in being involved with Disability Awareness Week on campus and planning events that will be popular and well-attended as well as educational.

Student Rights: Michael Hall Salvestrin

I want to help bring awareness to the disabled community at SOU and I want to help better people’s understanding of those with disabilities. I also want to let groups which are usually ignored (i.e. religious groups) have a voice on campus, such as SOMA. I am suited for this position because I have many years of advocacy experience with the Children’s Miracle Network. I went as far as Washington, DC to advocate for this organization.


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