A little bit of this and a little of that

I’m a little late writing my column this week, the editor might say ‘a lot bit late,’ but I’m the one that is doing the writing.

Usually, something strikes me as peculiar or somewhat off-beam, and is fun to poke fun at. When I sat down to write this week’s piece a lot of little things came to me, but nothing to write a whole column about. Yes, then I had a brilliant thought … I did mention that I am the one doing the writing. Anyway, I haven’t talked about the weather; have I?

Well, I’m finally tired of the inclement weather that we’ve had all winter and much too far into the spring. I’m ready to sit in the sun, be lazy, and drink cool drinks. I really want to enjoy seeing and picking May flowers. I am ready to drive around with the top down in the sports car that I no longer own – sigh — I am simply ready to be warm without looking like the Michelin tire man. I’m ready to go into a bar and get an honest pint, because a quarter of the glass being foam is something to complain about.

Although I want to be warm again, I did take a trip to Mt. Ashland today before packing the winter clothes away. The sky was blue, and since everyone has been told that Mt. Ashland is closed, there were only 10 or so brave souls snow shoeing, cross country skiing, or hiking. It was warm enough to not be cold, and cold enough to be trudging through the snow. I guess you can call it Goldie Locks weather.

I made sure that I was down the mountain before 6 p.m. though. I had promised Katie, a member of the HO’OPA’A Hawai’i Club, that I would take pictures of the members dancing traditional Polynesian dances; and of course, I had to make sure to not miss out on a plate of food at the preceding Luau.

Seems I’ve been taking pictures all over campus lately for promised food. So many requests, so much food, so little time. Ah, well, someone has to do it.

Maybe times will be better after graduation and I’ll begin seeing some green after I photograph an event… and my waistline will return to normal.



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