Embezzlement allegations made over leadership program

Embezzlement Allegations Made Over Leadership ProgramFormer ASSOU President Stephen Land has accused current President Hassan Harris and Vice-President Amanda Stucke of embezzling $2,231 from the budget of the Raider Leadership Academy.

Land, 22, who is the on the Raider Leadership Academy Committee says that the money was taken unjustly and without notice.

“They (Harris and Stucke) took $2300 from the leadership academy without asking anyone from the academy or having any conversations with anyone that was involved during the planning,” said Land. “They had an illegal meeting with the advisory council of ASSOU to make the decision to take from the academy.”

According to Land, the advisory council met and decided this even though they aren’t allowed to meet until summer session begins.

The Raider Leadership academy is a five-day long pre-orientation program that is offered to incoming freshmen at Southern Oregon University and is run by the Raider Leadership Academy Committee through ASSOU.

“Basically this program offers freshmen the chance to get engaged and be leaders before school even starts,” said RLA committee member and ASSOU Justice Fiona Mattson. “These select freshmen are given the opportunity to get involved in campus life, they learn how to be a leader.”

The money was taken out on May, 24 according to Mattson, 19, who is also a former ASSOU Senator.

“RLA does need that money in order to help the future leaders of the school,” said Mattson. “This program is entirely paid for and students do not pay for this program, unlike every other pre-orientation program.”

“I will not stop fighting against this decision until I am kicked out of the University,” said Land. “My passion for this program will exceed my need for an education any time.”

The $2,231 was taken in order to help pay the salaries of select ASSOU members, including Harris and Stucke, over the summer.

The money will be used to increase the paid staffs’ hours per-week from 9 hours to 15 according to Mattson.

Harris and Stucke both declined to comment on this story.

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