Synrgy bring their raucous reggae to Alex’s

Halloween shot off prematurely Thursday at Alex’s, with Ashland’s own Synrgy throwing one hell of a costume party.

Brian Zach, Clay Baker and T.J. Eilers of Synrgy play at Alex's. Karla Huff/The Siskiyou

The band brought their own rowdy form of reggae to the packed bar, playing for a sea of caked-on make-up, cheap wigs and even cheaper costumes (though Ashlanders never fail to push the envelope of creativity with meager materials).

After Medium Troy warmed up the crowd, Synrgy took the stage and played an amped-up show to an amped-up crowd. The floor shook and sweat flew as Synrgy ran through a number of originals with a few covers thrown in for good measure.

The band played a number of crowd favorites, including “Live in Love,” “Dream On,” “California” and “Mr. Babylon.” Frontman Brian Zach’s voice stood firm all night long, sailing from low-down growls to smooth high registers. Lead guitarist Clay Baker stood beside Zach using his guitar to alternate between rhythm, lead and echo-and-response forms, and doing a tremendous job of it.

Bassist T.J. Eilers and drummer Aaron Reed proved to be the funkiest of rhythm sections, while Thomas Mackay used his keys

Thomas Mackay plays keys for Synrgy at Alex's. Karla Huff/The Siskiyou


accompany the rest of the band flawlessly.

True to form, Synrgy’s crowd did not let them leave the stage easily. The band responded to cries of “One more!” and kept the music going until the last possible moment, which is usually the sight of a cop walking up the stairs to bitch about the noise.

Synrgy never fail to please, and the costume bash at Alex’s was no exception. You can check out more from Synrgy at

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