Spirit Rock

Spirit Rock lets SOU students show their pride

Spirit Rock
SOU's official Spirit Rock in the Stevenson Union courtyard. (Photo by Heather Halvorsen/The Siskiyou)

Are your opinions too hefty for the standard soapbox? If you would like to advertise for your campus club, show off your school spirit and artistic abilities, or voice those all-important student opinions, the new Spirit Rock located in the courtyard of the Stevenson Union of Southern Oregon University is just the place to do it.

According to Ryan Green, associate director of Student Life, the idea came from SOU students themselves. The rock made second place in SOU’s “Big Idea” event, the first being the banners that line the path from the Hannon Library to the Stevenson Union.

“Having a spirit rock is something that people can use to advertise, we intentionally got one with flat sides … so you can advertise or just put stuff on it,” said Green. “And it’s flat on top so people can stand on it.”

Green explained one of the main goals of the project was “building a campus spirit and giving us the things to have that campus community.”

Green emphasized that the rock is there for anyone to utilize, in any way that they can, although he did clarify that material deemed obscene or offensive would be removed.

The rock is intended to encourage an open public forum, and also to showcase the rich diversity and school spirit here at SOU.  Next time you’re walking by the SU, take out your sharpie, and be a part of a great new tradition!

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