Choir kids show their skill

The Southern Oregon University Music Program will be hosting a series of performances this week to bring the joy of music to the community.

The SOU Chamber Choir will be performing three pieces of classical music on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. in the auditorium of SOU’s Music Building. The choir will be performing a combination of standard music and holiday music for the upcoming Christmas holiday.

Fredna Grimland, choir director, was very excited to be teaching a new group of choir students.

“A goal for this year that I as a teacher want to accomplish is to have all the students in class come together and get to know each other and learn to work together and also enjoy singing with one another,” said Grimland.

This concert will give a chance for the Ashland community to see what choir students have learned during the term, mixing classical pieces in with music written by modern composers.

“We want our enrollment bigger,” said Grimland. “Fourty people is a great number compared to 20. The biggest our concert choir has been is 50 to 60 but we except way more.

“We also want people all around campus who enjoy singing to enroll in this class and have the chance to sing as one big group and become a family.”

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