Elderly couple crash car behind science building, shaken but okay

An elderly couple slid their car off the road yesterday morning after trying to negotiate a tricky corner on Elkader Street, plunging 15 feet down the hill and destroying several small trees before stopping about 10 feet  away from the southwest corner of Southern Oregon University’s Science Building.

The car, a late model Chevy Classic according to an article in the Ashland Daily Tidings, had to be stabilized by rescue workers before they could pull Paul and Elizabeth Daugherty out, a 40-minute ordeal that involved tying the car’s axle to an iron fence at the top of the hill and jamming “cribs” under the car to keep it from rolling on top of the rescue workers.

The Daughertys were transported to the Ashland Community Hospital for a checkup. A press release from Margueritte Hickman, spokeswoman for Ashland Fire & Rescue, said that the couple sustained only minor injuries in the crash.



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  1. Nils,
    I’m glad you got some publicity on this! I was on my way to work when I saw rescuers rushing to the scene, and was there with the small crowd when they were stabilizing the car. Glad to hear that the elderly couple was safe and sound! Those windy roads can be quite precarious when icy!

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