New ASSOU constitution up for ratification, deadline Thursday

A new Associated Students of Southern Oregon University constitution, featuring new by-laws that make the three branches of student government more efficient, has been drafted by the student government.

Thursday is the deadline for voting on whether or not to ratify it.

The new ASSOU constitution is designed to increase the efficiency of the administration’s management of the executive, legislative and judicial branches of the student government, according to ASSOU Executive Team member Kyle Pate and Clubs Senator Justin Silva, a member of ASSOU’s Legislative Team, emphasized that the new constitution does not adversely affect student fees or activities.

“We are trying to be more efficient at integrating the three branches, [to create] better governance between the three branches,” said Pate. “That is all the Constitution does. We do not handle money, we do not make campaign decisions. We have no evil schemes.”

According to the “Enabling Clause” of the new Constitution, ratification of the new draft requires a yea vote from a minimum of five percent of the entire SOU student body.

To review and vote on the proposed new constitution, visit A link to the current constitution is also available for comparison with the new one.

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