SOU Student Photography Show Opens Thursday

Photography enthusiasts rejoice, an SOU photo show is on the horizon. You won’t want to miss the SOU Student Photography Show held just a few short days from now.

The Show is a collection of photographic work done by the Photography students, with participants ranging from intro students to the advanced. Some of the work showcased was made in class, but most of it was completed by select students independently. “The theme for the show was simply work that students did while they were enrolled at SOU, that had at least taken the introductory ART 240 class,” said Whitney Dobson. Dobson and Kathleen Murney organized the Photography Show. “I’m very proud of what is up on the walls and believe it to be a great example of the work capable to come out of the Photography department students.” There is a wide range of talent and work represented at this showing, so most visitors will find something they can appreciate and connect with.

The opening for the Gallery is on Thursday February 21st from 5 p.m. – 7 p.m. The exhibit is in the Art Department Chairs Gallery in the Marion Ady building.

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