Academic prioritization report released

The administration of Southern Oregon University released the academic prioritization final report this afternoon, bringing an end to a year-long institutional review process intended to evaluate campus programs and determine whether their existence is beneficial to the university’s long-term goals.

The report ranked 165 academic programs into quintiles of 33 programs each. Eighteen programs were less than two years old and were not ranked. The full report can be read here

The report is part of a process called prioritization, an initiative started by SOU President Mary Cullinan last fall that evaluated every program on campus and divided them into quintiles based on criteria such as the history of department, external and internal demand for program, quality of program inputs, processes and outcomes, size, scope and productivity of the program, revenue and costs, impact, justification and overall importance of the program, and the opportunity analysis for the program. The program’s ranking will help inform future planning decisions.

The prioritization process was conducted by two review boards, an academic review board for evaluating the academic departments on campus, and an academic support review board for evaluating programs such as enrollment services, advising, financial office, athletics, and anything else that offers course credits.

The academic support review board released their findings on May 1, read the Siskiyou’s story here.

For more information about prioritization, read some of our coverage or visit the prioritization website.


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