SOU Club Fair Highlights How to Get Involved

Students are encouraged to visit the club fair in the SU Courtyard on Thursday. (Photo Cred: The Siskiyou/Kelsi Fasano)
Students are encouraged to visit the club fair in the SU Courtyard on Thursday. (Photo Cred: The Siskiyou/Kelsi Fasano)

Looking to chase a passion for hiking, for food, or maybe for student government? Are you a new student, looking to find a group to make friends out of a sea of thousands of students? With fall term beginning to take shape, there is no better way for students to explore opportunities for involvement on campus than with the annual club fair on Thursday.

Students will have the opportunity to see what their options are for club involvement, while meeting with club members and leaders to really get a sense of what each club does in the SOU community. Some familiar faces at the fair include Civic Engagement, the Associated Students of Southern Oregon University, and the First Year Mentor Program. Newer groups in attendance will not yet be fully-fledged clubs, but looking for students interested in signing up as members to meet the seven member minimum requirement to become established as a club at SOU.

Each group has been encouraged to have some sort of attention-getter for their table, potentially related to their specific group. For example, the Tango Club will have members dancing or the Video Gamers Coalition may have games set up to play. Even if a group does not have a specific activity at their table, small give-away items like pens or candy are fairly common to accompany the individuals prepared to answer questions.

The Siskiyou’s very own photo editor, Karoline Curcin, will also be present at the club fair for students who are interested in getting involved as a writer or photographer.

If a student cannot attend the club fair but is still interested in knowing what is available, a list of SOU’s clubs and club descriptions can be found here.

The club fair will be held from 11 a.m.-1 p.m. on Thursday, October 2, in the Stevenson Union Courtyard.

Below is a list of the clubs currently signed up to participate in the fair, although Student Life Office Coordinator Kay Swaders believes more may sign up after Wednesday night’s Interclub Council meeting.

Tango Club

Video Gamers Coalition

Exclamation Poets

DLSM campaign

Newman Center Catholic Club

The National Society of Collegiate Scholars



Civic Engagement Program

SOU Secular Student Alliance

Chemistry Club

Psych/Psi Chi Club


SOU Center for Sustainability

SOU Tango Club

Exclamation Poets



SOU Rugby

Relay for Life of Ashland/South Jackson Co.

SOU Beekeeping Club

Latino Student Union

Cosplay Club

First Year Mentor Program

Medieval Arts Club

SOU Tennis Club

SOU College Republicans


SOU Foodie Club