Can SOU Bowling Make a Comeback?

There is still a bowling club here at Southern Oregon University, however it is not affiliated with the school…yet. Reece Paquin, a junior here at SOU is trying to make that possible. Head of the bowling club, he hopes to get enough members involved so that it can be recognized as an official sporting club at SOU.


To be recognized as an official club, one must meet the requirements of the Inter Club Council (ICC) one of them being that a club must have a minimum of 7 students actively involved as members. The last time there was an official bowling club at SOU was in 2013, Paquin was also in charge then. Now, he is trying to get that (bowling) ball rolling once again. His goal is that by getting more members involved, bowling will be recognized as a sport instead of just a leisurely activity. “Football and basketball are always big sports that get so much coverage. I’d like bowling to be up on the same levels of notoriety”, said Paquin.  

Bowling competitively since he was in the 7th grade, Paquin has years of experience. His first bowling lesson was in the winter of 2008 at the Wilsonville Lanes where his coach taught him how to minimize his steps before rolling the ball down the lane. By summer, a team comprised of Paquin and his father took first in the league. In the years to come, victory was in his experience. In both 2010 and 2011, Paquin’s league team won their Junior League tournament and in 2012 he bowled his highest score ever of 289. The last game of Paquin’s youth career was played in the spring of 2013 in the Wilsonville vs. Mt. Hood tournament. Paquin and his father bowled the second highest pin falls of the night leading Wilsonville to victory.

If anyone is interested in joining the bowling club, there will be three meetings this term: January 23rd, February 13th, and February 20th. Meetings will be held in the Greensprings lobby at 10:30am. From there the club will promptly travel to Roxy Ann Lanes in Medford. It is only $3.50 per game, which includes shoes. If you have any questions, email Reece Paquin (

This bowling club is open to anyone at SOU. Paquin wants to remind everyone that bowling is not just a hobby, but a sport as well. “I’m hoping this club can put bowling back in the spotlight once again” said Paquin. “So if bowling is right up your alley, join the bowling club and let the good times roll!”