Rocky Auditions Successful

On Monday, tryouts to fill the feathers of Rocky were held in the Lithia Motors Pavilion. This 2019-2020 season, Southern Oregon University will have four students perform Rocky.

Participants were asked to prepare a field walk and skit or routine that is family-friendly for all fans. 

Being a great mascot takes some skills. Characteristics that Cheer and Dance Director Fawn Jones and her team looked for included: personality, creativity, crowd appeal, and spirit. 

“It is important for a mascot to use motion and constantly be moving since they do not speak when in costume,” Jones said.  

“Exaggerated motions and expressive personality. Being a mascot is all about showing your personality through your movements to bring the mascot to life.”

Jones and the other judges are confident in the students they selected. 

“They showed a lot of enthusiasm in their routines. Each one of these candidates were able to get the judges panel engaged and involved,” Jones said. 

“We are looking forward to getting Rocky out to our events and games,” Jones said. 

“Cheer and Dance is very excited to have a Rocky who will not only engage with them, but interact with the fans and get our crowd hyped and excited,” said Jones.

Rocky won’t be limited to just athletic events. He’ll be out at recruitment, student life, and admissions events. 

Mike Beagle, Director of Alumni Relations, collaborated with departments on campus to manage the use of Rocky. Previously, there was no set Rocky use schedule, which created obstacles and uncertainty. 

“It was a matter of ‘Hey, can you do this for us tomorrow at one o’clock?’” said Beagle. 

“That doesn’t always work out well because it’s last second and you don’t know if the people you’re asking are actually going to work in terms of energy and fun.” Beagle explained. 

Make sure to pay attention to Rocky this year! With excited students taking the role of Rocky, he is set to soar. 

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