OSPIRG’s New Student Created Cookbook Will Support the Student Food Pantry

Do you love to cook? Do you enjoy creating pieces of art? OSPIRG is accepting submissions for current SOU students for their new cookbook! Because of the campus shut down, OSPIRG has come up with different projects that students can volunteer for to raise money for the campus food bank, even those who are at home. One of these ideas is creating a cookbook. Anthony Heinz, one of the main people behind this campaign, said that the main reason he chose a cookbook is because it’s a chance to bring out the creative side of students.

He added that the cookbook is going to be vegan-based, because not every student is able to get certain ingredients as a result of diet restrictions, financial reasons or health restrictions.

Alex Sazabo, SOU OSPIRG chapter chair, said they was interested in doing an online-based campaign like this because the group could no longer do campus activities because of COVID. Before the pandemic, student volunteers had stations in front of the various grocery stores in Ashland such as Shop-N-Kart in order to ask for donations for the SU Food Pantry.

OSPIRG is still putting the book together and collecting recipes until May 27th, and students can submit theirs here. Sazabo noted that OSPIRG is asking for monetary donations, instead of a set price, to purchase the cookbook. The money will go to support the Food Panty when it opens again, in order to have enough food to continue supporting students in need.

If you would like to read more about this campaign or what OSPIRG is doing in the future, check out their website here or if you want to volunteer, check this link for more information.

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