The Hawk: Juggling Responsibilities as a Student Worker

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The Hawk has created new job opportunities for students these past dew weeks. Last week, three students were selected to be student supervisors of the Hawk. This position comes with a myriad of duties- a supervisor must be on duty for each meal of the day, a large responsibility considering the amount of students who utilize the Hawk each day.  They must be at the Hawk to help with opening and closing shifts, and supervisors are also responsible for answering any questions that students may have regarding the food, sanitation, or policies. AJ Partsafas, a freshman mathematics major, is one of the students who was selected for the job. AJ is a hard-working student aspiring to be a math teacher. Committing to a leadership position as a full-time college student is not an easy task, as it requires a certain level of dedication and time management. While it benefits the students who eat at the Hawk to have a supervisor who is available to the students, holding a leadership position is also beneficial to AJ. 

“It’s really important that the morning crew communicates with the evening crew,” AJ explains, noting how critical it is for the staff to communicate at The Hawk. Practicing communication is one of the most important skills in a leadership position. Holding a position like this in college is certainly excellent preparation for one’s career. It teaches time management while trying to balance work and school. It is the type of experience that will help AJ acquire necessary skills for his future career as a teacher. 

Alex Melconian is one of the other students elected for student supervisor. She adds that alongside good time management and communication, a good attitude is another necessary trait when taking on a leadership role. She points out that experience is equally, if not more important than an education when it comes to being hired for a job. This is an issue that many college students struggle with right now. 

“Being able to hold this position is about being able to gain experience in leadership and to prove to my future employers that I’m capable and reliable,” says Alex. Taking on a job during college, especially a leadership position, gives students an early start to this skill development. Alex believes this position will better prepare her for the real world. She has something to add to her resume and will be able to learn from this position. Alex says it has been challenging for her to juggle her job and schoolwork at the same time. But it is clear that her work ethic and enthusiasm is helping her see it through.

The third student supervisor hired is John Latos. John says that the Hawk not only provides a place of work for students, but also a place to socialize. Since managing a leadership position as a full-time student can be a rough road, having an job on campus allows students to work with their peers as it gives them connections that help them to meet new people. John also mentions that he would like to make an impact on the Hawk’s measures regarding sustainability.

SOU offers many on campus jobs for students. Though it can be challenging to manage both school and work, it offers a great advantage. In addition, the university offers schedule flexibility and a convenient commute. This makes it easy for students to prioritize their education while still acquiring experience and earning income. Gaining worker experience as a student is a stress that many students face. However, there are many opportunities that are offered by SOU outside of the Hawk. Visit Handshake for students to find available positions at the university.

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