ASSOU Meeting 4/26/2022 Recap

The meeting started at 6:00 PM with no objections to the agenda, followed by the land acknowledgment.

The executive branch is currently working on their transition materials and will be volunteering for Arbor Day.

Denim Day is 4/27, which is a day that focuses on raising awareness of sexual assault. A town hall is occurring on 4/27 from 6:30 to 7:30 as well.

Judicial branch has four meetings left and they will all be in May.

The deadline to apply for ASSOU elections ends on Friday, 4/29.

The administration gave another reminder that May 17th will be the Raider Academy Awards, and planning for the prom is going well, with posters being posted on campus this week.

OSPRIG participated in the Earth Day Extravaganza this past Friday, collecting over 65 petitions for renewable energy. They will be handing them to the governor soon.

In May, all OSPRIG chapters will meet in Eugene to decide on next year’s agenda.

RHA will be having a general RHA meeting 4/27. Clubs went through big-budget approvals; film and computer science clubs also had approvals. The outdoor program will host an outdoor movie on May 13th. In addition, ASSOU will be tabling this Thursday at the hawk.

The big talking point for new business was the discussion and vote for allocations in terms of funding and a recommendation for when appeals for funding are due. Before the vote, there was a presentation of the allocations that SFAC had decided on in terms of funding. One change is that cheerleading is a part of the athletics funding rather than having its own. As a result, several organizations, such as the interclub council, ASSOU, Student Life Staffing, and Epic Events, had funding cuts. Finally, The Siskiyou, Resident Halls Social, and the Native America clubs were granted the exact funding by request SFAC had a $3,000,000 budget, smaller than previous years, so some organizations on campus will see budget cuts. The most significant budgets went to student life, OSPRIG, The REC center, and the Stevenson Union. With the cuts to OSPRIG’s funding, they will no longer be considered a chapter and lose their campus organizer. SFAC wanted to make sure that, above all else, smaller specific clubs would be keeping their funding. The vote for the student fee allocations went 3 in favor, 0 against, and five abstaining; Organizations will know about these budget changes for next year right after the meeting. To appeal the budget, organizations have until May 4th to make a case to SFAC to have a larger budget.

For announcements: The financial aid work-study is now available to grad students. Also, this week kicks off the Oregon Fringe Festival, a festival of all kinds of art in the community, many of which are SOU students.

7:00 p.m. meeting adjourned.

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