Medford police sergeant and eight other officers under investigation

An article released by the Mail Tribune on Sunday written by Damian Mann broke the news about nine police officers that were accused of violating state election laws when they spoke out against Measure 74. Measure 74 establishes non-profit medical marijuana dispensaries for registered card-holders. The accused includes Medford’s own police chief, assistant chief, and lieutenant.

Sergeant Erik Fisher of the Medford Police department is currently under investigation by the Secretary of State after Laird Funk who accuses Fisher of “crossing a line” filed a complaint. Fisher allegedly commented that if Measure 74 passed, Oregon “will quickly become the source for the illegal marijuana trade throughout the country.” Other officers include Medford Assistant Chief Tim George, Medford Lt. Tim Doney, Medford Police Chief Schoen, police chiefs in Gold Beach, Brookings and Keizer, the Deschutes County sheriff and a police detective in Grants Pass

All nine officers either refused to comment on the allegations or maintain their innocence. The penalty for violating the statute is $75.

This report was made with information from The Mail Tribune.

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