National congressional and gubernatorial results favor GOP

The Republican Party has taken control of the House of Representatives but the Senate is still under Democratic control.

With 239 decided winners in the House, 218 seats,the margin for a changing of the guard, was easily overcome as the House goes to the GOP. The upset puts an end to a two-year Democratic monopoly of the House of Representatives, Senate and White House.

With 11 states still too close to call, the most recent numbers give the Democrats 185 seats and the GOP 239 seats.

The news isn’t as bad for Democrats in the Senate.  The GOP needed to gain ten seats in the Senate but only won six.  However, the gubernatorial races are bound to be worrisome for the Obama administration.

So far 11 states have switched from Democrat to Republican in the gubernatorial races, giving the GOP a clear majority of governors in the U.S.  Oregon and three others states are still processing results.


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