Two albums you may have missed (and shouldn’t)

NOFX: Punk in Drublic

Many people have never heard of NoFX, which is downright insulting to musical history.   Easily one of the greatest punk bands of all time, and definitely one of the biggest influences for the countless other punk descendents, NoFX is criminally underappreciated.

Despite a rather recent release of newer stuff, this punk spectacular peaked at their glory days with the album “Punk in Drublic.”  Released in 1994, “Punk in Drublic” is a gem of an album.

Perfect track after perfect track are calmly thrown down in what could be a greatest hits compilation by itself.  Besides having the word “punk” in their album name, NoFX makes sure that each song is a rebellious anthem that resonates what “punk” was all about.

Tracks like “Linoleum” and “Leave It Alone,” rip up the red carpet and announce to the world that NoFX is here to be heard.  Frontman Fat Mike has an incredible punk yell that is as melodious as it needs to be when he so chooses.  The guitar work shreds to a high degree of shreddage, and the drums drive the beat expertly.

If you have never heard of NoFX, “Punk in Drublic” is the place to start, and the time you will remember as the moment you fell in love with punk.

Misfits (Compilation I)

Unfortunately, many college students today have no idea who the Misfits are.  It’s a tragic truth in a generation of young adults who wear headphones around their necks throughout the day and talk about just how great the new Britney comeback is going to be.

Just because the Misfits are pre-1990’s, they are ignored by just about everybody who wasn’t alive back then.  “Back then” being the 80’s, just to clarify.  Classic rock radio stations ignore vintage punk, and current punk stations only pay homage to Rancid.

If you have never heard of the Misfits, their self-titled album, released in 1986, is where to start.  The best Misfits music was when Glenn Danzig was the vocalist, and “Misfits” is a collection of the best of these earlier days.

Containing 20 of the best songs ever released by the Misfits, this album is historically labeled as “horror punk.”  Not because the songs are scary, but because the inspirations for many of the songs are horror movies.

Loud and awesome, the Misfits have a sound unlike any other.  With Danzig’s amazing voice and great musicianship, this band is a perfect example of real music that should not be overlooked in favor of vapid pop.  Start with “Misfits,” and I promise you will not regret it.


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