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“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”
Yes folks, that’s the actual title of an upcoming action movie that will be scored by Trent Reznor, who will also make a cameo appearance in the film, playing the vampire who kills Honest Abe’s mother.

This one’s going to be priceless. “Snakes On a Plane” anyone?

Another disturbing bit of Reznor news is that he is in talks regarding a musical of “Fight Club.” Yeah, a musical. Can we ruin anything else, while we’re at it?

Mind your tweets

Courtney Love (I know, I know…) has settled a lawsuit brought against her by Dawn Simorangkir, a fashion designer who claims the Hole singer defamed her in a series of messages on Twitter last year.

The settlement orders Love to pay $430,000, with payments beginning immediately and ending in 2014.

Drunk texting and drunk tweeting are a bad idea, everyone.

Bieber visits the barber

Locks of Justin Bieber’s hair sold for $40,688 on eBay last week. The money will be donated to an animal-rescue organization, and the auction winner gets to meet Beiber in person.

I don’t even know where to begin…

Sammy Hagar releases memoirs

The biography may not really be newsworthy in itself, except for the fact that Hagar dishes a lot of dirt on Eddie Van Halen, and says he would reunite with Van Halen “if Eddie was totally cool.” I guess that’s referring to their 2004 reunion tour that was canceled due to Eddie’s alcoholism. I wonder if he was drinking Hagar’s “Cabo Wabo” tequila?

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Hagar talked about asking Eddie Van Halen how he cured his tongue cancer. “He told me he cured himself by having pieces of his tongue liquefied and injected into his body… what a fruitcake.”

Prince sued for $700,000

The New York law firm Patterson, Belknap, Webb and Tyler are suing the Great Purple One for $700,000 in unpaid legal fees.

Being sued is bad enough, but being sued by the lawyers hired to help you is just a slap in the face.

Nick Cave to re-issue four albums

Nick Cave will move into phase three of the reissue campaign for Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. Expanded re-releases of 1994’s “Let Love In,” 1996’s “Murder Ballads,” 1997’s “The Boatman’s Call,” and 2001’s “No More Shall We Part” will be presented in double-disc collector’s editions, due out May 16. The CDs will also contain bonus tracks and an installation of the making-of documentary by Ian Forsyth and Jane Pollard, titled “Do You Love Me Like I Love You.”

The band has already reissued its first seven albums.

In other Nick Cave news, he has signed on as the music consultant for the “Pinocchio” adaptation by “Labyrinth” director Guillermo del Toro. The film will be stop-motion animation, and preview pics show it looking dark and creepy, a lot like Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas.” Can’t wait.

Kings of Leon hype the NCAA

A new video for Kings of Leon’s song “The Immortals” will be used in an ad campaign for the NCAA basketball tournament. The video was commissioned by CBS and Turner Sports, and will appear in ads in movie theaters throughout the U.S.

Willie Nelson to star with “Jackass” guys

“Jackass” stars Johnny Knoxville, Ryan Dunn and Bam Margera will be playing criminals in the upcoming movie “Mustache Riders.” The three will be searching for buried treasure, aided in their quest by an outlaw, played by Willie Nelson.

Headliners announced for Pitchfork Festival

The 2011 Pitchfork Music Festival will include TV on the Radio, Animal Collective, Fleet Foxes, the Dismemberment Plan and Deerhunter. The festival will be held in Chicago’s Union Park on July 15-17.





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