Man murdered on bike path in Hunter Park Saturday evening

A 23-year-old man was found murdered on the bike path in Hunter Park on Saturday, making this the first murder in Ashland in more than seven years.

The Ashland Police Department said that David Michael Grubbs was found dead on the Bear Creek Greenway between Walker Avenue and Normal Avenue on Nov. 19 around 5:30 p.m. According to investigators, Grubbs suffered violent injuries from a “large sharp-edged object.”

APD said this appeared to be a random crime, and that Grubbs likely did not know the person or people who attacked him.

Police are looking for information on two unidentified males reported to have been in the area during the time of the murder, although they have not been identified as suspects and no other leads have been found.

APD’s Major Assault and Death Investigation Unit has been called in to investigate, comprised of detectives from all around the Rogue Valley. Officers from the Ashland, Talent, Medford, and Phoenix Police Departments were on the scene, as well as deputies from the Jackson County Sheriff’s Department. Members of the Jackson County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue Division were also there, scouring the area for evidence.

Southern Oregon University Campus Public Safety advises all students to be aware of their surroundings and travel in groups when going out at night. They also will provide escorts on campus if requested, call 552-6911 for more information.

Anyone who was in the area during the time or has information relevant to the investigation is encouraged to call the Ashland Police Department at 541-482-5211 or the Anonymous Tip Line at 541-552-2333.

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