Chicken Pox Present at SOU: One Case Identified, Close Contacts Notified

A Message From SOU Medical Director Dr. Laura Robin:

Dear Campus Community,

The Student Health and Wellness Center would like our campus to know that chicken pox is circulating in the community and we have had a case here at SOU. Although known close contacts have already been identified and notified, the affected student was on campus over the weekend and attended the dance at the Student Union on Saturday night (January 28).

Chicken pox is a usually mild viral illness that presents with an itchy rash, usually covering much of the body. The rash can be preceded by flu-like symptoms. Although usually mild, it can be more serious and can have complications in adults. Anyone who was born before 1980, has had the disease, or has had two chicken pox vaccines is considered immune. Persons not immune but exposed can obtain a level of prevention by getting the vaccine if it is within a certain
time period.

Persons who are severely immunocompromised (i.e. HIV, chemotherapy, transplant, etc.) may be at risk for more serious disease, as are pregnant women and their fetuses. People who are exposed and are at high risk of complication may be eligible for preventive treatment. If you have concerns or questions regarding your risk or immunity, please call the SHWC nurse line at 552-8465. If you think you might have chicken pox, please seek help if you need it, isolate yourself and call the SHWC.

The following is a link about chicken pox from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

In Good Health,

Dr. Laura Robin
Medical Director
SOU Student Health and Wellness Center

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