Check your voting status

Your vote may not count in this upcoming election.

Due to Oregon’s policies on voter registration, more and more voters are being
automatically unregistered without their knowledge. Oregon invalidates ballots from voters who have had changes to their address, name or signature since they last voted and un-registers voters who have neglected to vote in the previous two elections.

“People don’t know how often to re-register,” says Sarah Westover, SOU’s Campus Organizer for the Oregon Student Association. There is, however, no penalty for re-registration while already actively registered, and registration itself only takes a few minutes.

“When in doubt, fill it out,” says Westover.

Making sure you are registered is the most important step to ensuring your voice is heard in the upcoming elections. The website for the Oregon Secretary of State has a tool to verify your registration status.

For more information on how to register, see “How to register to Vote.”

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