The Voting Project: Tuesday, Oct. 30

Editor’s Note: The Voting Project is a collection of interviews put together by D.L. Richardson’s JRN251 class. With elections fast approaching, the class went out and asked people two simple questions: who they were voting for and why. The answers may surprise you:


Jason Hayes, a hospitality management major and sophomore at Southern Oregon University, is casting his ballot this November for President Barack Obama.

When asked why he intends to pull the lever for Obama, Hayes cited Obama’s communication skills as his main reason.

He believes the ability to communicate clearly and effectively is one of the most important characteristics in a President.

“[Obama] has great speaking skills and can communicate better,” said Hayes. He claims the president’s speaking abilities will be enough to carry him to a second term.


Diane Harvey, in her second year at SOU, says she plans to vote for Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

She is unsatisfied with what has transpired over the last four years and would like to see someone else have a turn in the Oval Office.

“What I have seen in the last four years has been horrific, both international and local,” said Harvey.

She believes Romney’s business background would help guide him as president if elected. She also expressed concern that the federal government has grown too large in recent years, and that states should have more control than they currently do.


Owen Newlin, a junior and an accounting major, in his first year at SOU after transferring from Portland Community College, says he will throw his support behind Obama this November.

Contrary to Harvey, Newlin believes Obama has achieved much in his first term and is willing to give the president another four years in the White House.

“Obama did well in four years. If [he gets] another four, he could grow the economy again,” opined Newlin. He believes another term for Obama would ensure a more stable economy than one under a Romney administration.

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