ASSOU internships helps students develop leadership skills, make a difference on campus

The ASSOU internship program durring it's weekly meeting discussing the importance of voters on campus. (Karoline Curcin/The Siskiyou.)

The ASSOU internship program during it’s weekly meeting discussing the importance of voters on campus. (Karoline Curcin/The Siskiyou.)

Do you feel that students at Southern Oregon University could benefit from having a stronger voice in local and state government?

Are leadership and advocacy skills something you want to gain from your experience at SOU?

If you do you’re in luck, because the Associated Students of Southern Oregon University is currently accepting applications for internships that offer just these kinds of opportunities.

The internships give students the opportunity to make a difference on campus and learn valuable skills by helping organize student-led initiatives and campaigns on both regional and statewide levels, job shadowing current student government officers, and attending weekly leadership workshops with Sarah Westover, the Oregon Student Association organizer for SOU.

“The internships teach students leadership and advocacy skills to represent their fellow students at the local and state government levels,” said Westover, a 2010 SOU alumna.

If students have met the requirements during their internship, they can receive two credits from the Social Sciences, Policy and Culture department at the end of the term.

The student government internship program started last term with 10 participants, and currently has seven students participating this term. According to the ASSOU internship webpage, the program was established to promote “early involvement, and increased understanding of citizenship, participatory democracy, and student advocacy.”

“The most challenging and rewarding parts of the program were being Allies to groups of students who are traditionally marginalized, and being supportive to the student body as a whole,” Westover said, explaining that Allies are people who support traditionally marginalized groups, such as LGBTQ students.

Applications for the internship program can be found on the ASSOU webpage under the opportunities link in the right hand column located through the SOU website.

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