SOU Confessions: the best of week two

The Southern Oregon University Confessions Facebook page has been enormously popular among the student body of SOU, wracking up almost 1,500 likes and nearly three thousand posts since its inception on Feb. 20, 2013.

The page allows students to anonymously post “confessions” about their experiences at SOU through a SurveyMonkey form. The administrators review each post for hate language and offensive comments, and then publish it on the page. Click here to see the latest posts or submit one of your own.

The Siskiyou is proud to present the top posts on the Southern Oregon University Confessions page from the last week, chosen by the page administrators:

2745 “I tell my boyfriend that he wears the pants… but I don’t mean it.”

2760 “Sometimes if I’m peeing (girl, so I’m in a stall) and I hear another person flush and the door opens without the faucet coming on I’ll yell “You forgot to wash your hands!” loud enough for the people in the hall to hear”

2761 “Saw three owls tonight…. I think Hogwarts might be trying to recruit me…”

2763 “I still think of Pluto as a planet.”

2803 “Dear Smokers of SOU, While I do not partake in your habit, I don’t care whether or not you do it. What I do care about is you throwing your butts wherever you want. There are ashtrays all around campus, yet there are cigarette butts littering the ground! Do I need to put up signs or can you please dispose of your refuse in an appropriate place? Sincerely, Tired of Trash”

2806 “I jam to “Icona Pop – I Love It” so hard.”

2818 “I’m not a prude, I’ve just never liked anyone enough to have sex with them. Jeesh.”

2825 “I’m a very light sleeper. I live in a very close off-campus apartment. Most nights there are drunk people stumbling and yelling around and I like to scare them. I mean, I REALLY like to scare them. Sometimes I come out of my apartment and follow them down the street without saying anything. Sometimes I whisper to them from my windows. Next time some drunk jock or idiot girl is making too much noise outside my apartment I’m going to chase them down the street with an air horn. You’ve been warned.”

2835 “I’m so much of a Ted Mosby that Ted Mosby would probably find me pathetic.”

2839 “Why is lesbian porn so much better? I’m not even lesbian but damn, it’s just a lot more enjoyable to watch.”

2866 “I tried bubble tea for the first time on Monday at Café Nomyen and I’m addicted… I’m counting the hours until I can have another one…”

2876 “When you and your guy pass by the people standing for sexual assault awareness, and he makes a snarky comment, NOT a keeper!”

2893 “I just had a deep conversation with a woman in one of my classes here at SOU. She’s a single mother of three boys and is currently battling leukemia. What a beautiful individual. I am humbled in your presence. I need to be more thankful for my life here. :)”

2894 “the whole time she was talking to me this morning, i was very distracted; i was thinking about dinosaurs.”

2924 “you know it’s true love when after mind blowing sex you can look at each other and agree that you were both thinking about getting Yogurt Hut”


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