Emmy Award Winning Composer Lecturing at SOU

Larry Groupe 1
photo via press release

Emmy Award winner Larry Groupé will be holding a lecture on Monday, November 4 at 7:30 p.m. in the SOU Music Recital Hall presented by The Music program of the Department of Performing Arts at Southern Oregon University and the Ashland Independent Film Festival.

Groupé has won Emmy awards for “Jonas Salk: Personally Speaking” and “Residue”, has worked on a number of internationally received productions, and has most recently completed the latest score for “Straw Dogs” starring Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgård.

The lecture is titled “The Hollywood Film Composer Today” and will feature clips from Groupé’s own film scores and will explore the current process of working with directors, producers, and the studio. Technical and digital aspects of the craft, as well as the differences between producing musical scores for feature films and scoring for television will be covered in the lecture.

“This is a wonderful, free opportunity to learn the real workings of film and music in Hollywood from someone currently working in the industry,” said Terry Longshore, SOU Professor of Music.

Anyone interested in musical composition, theater, drama, digital production and storytelling of all kinds is welcome and invited to the lecture. The event is free for everyone. For more information, please contact Christi Courian at courianc@sou.edu and 541-552-6347 or Jim Beaver at beaverj@sou.edu and 541-552-6093.