Haunted House in the Residence Halls

photo via http://raidersnest.tumblr.com

Tonight from 7:30-10:30 p.m. on the SOU campus, the Greensprings RA staff will be throwing a free, truly horrifying haunted house. Three floors of the historically paranormal Crater Hall will be used in this event, which is expected to draw in a hundred participants throughout the three hour stretch. Around twenty five actors are to be painted up, made up, and hidden around to scare the life out of haunted house goers.

The idea of this event had been on the table for a long time but began to take shape physically over the last two weeks. According to junior Lefty Barber, one of the key organizers of the haunted house, the idea for this was originally sprung from a haunted house in Suzy hall last year. The staff at Greensprings wanted to recreate the atmosphere of the wildly popular Suzy haunted house with their own in Crater Hall.

A haunted house in Crater Hall is all too fitting because of the hall’s long time rumors of ghost sightings.  Crater Hall, which hasn’t been utilized in over 4 months, will be reopened just for the event taking place tonight. Three floors will be used each with a vastly different theme. According to Barber the first floor is being used as a “jump scare floor” which includes “people around corners, noises going off, [and] creepy light that sort of thing.” The third floor is being used as a “suspense floor” which will “be a little bit more quiet, you’re not going to be able to anticipate a lot of the things that will happen.” Lastly the fourth floor, which has had the largest amounts of ghost sightings historically, will be used as a clown floor. This floor is supposed to be the floor containing the largest amount of actors.

If you’re brave enough to face the horrors of Greensprings, come down tonight for some heart-pounding fun.