New Zealand Trip For The Adventurous Students

Southern Oregon University is hosting a trip to New Zealand for Outdoor Adventure Leadership students to study abroad.


This program lasts for two months and is considered by many the trip of a lifetime.

Students arrive on the North Island, and journey down the length of New Zealand, this being guided by locals.


Students will sleep outside on the rough terrain, and stay in a variety of hostels throughout the trip. The overall cost is approximately $7000, with $4000 being for classes, $1500 for the flight and $1000 for food and spending money.


Luisa Westley, a Senior here at SOU, who went on the trip last year, stated that “she wished she could go again, and simply didn’t want to leave when they were finished.”


Westley later said “it was definitely worth what I paid for all the activities you do and places you go, it was so worth it.”


Last year OAL got involved in a lot of outdoor activities during the trip, which including sea kayaking, rock climbing and caving. Students travelled from the North Island to the South, with Westley adding that it was“tough but rewarding, there were always gorgeous views.”


Westley finished the interview with enthusiasm, saying that“once you have raised the funds, the only downside is having to return.”