Rock, Roll, and Rash

photo via JB Nelson
photo via J.B. Nelson

Medford, OR – Low ‘O’ Radio is holding an all ages local music show at the Imperial Event Center on Front Street in Medford starting May 9 at 8 p.m. Southern Oregon Music will be recording the show, and airing it on their website. The event will feature several local bands each night its held, starting with TallBoy, (a metal band), 100 Watt Mind, (voted “Band of the Year” at the Low ‘O’ Music Awards for their Zeppelin/Queens of the Stone Age sound) and Buckle Rash (a country punk band).

Low ‘O’ Radio is a weekly local music show that used to air on local station 96.9 The Rogue, but is now a podcast featuring bands from Southwestern Oregon. J.B. Nelson of Low ‘O’ said it’s “loaded with an abnormal amount of amazing music, but not a lot of quality venues to see local bands at.” This is where the reasoning behind the event comes in – Low ‘O’ Radio wants these local bands to have a wider audience. Nelson explained how these local bands have some fans that are under 21 and can’t always make it to bars to see the bands play live. Other times the venue isn’t large enough for the audiences, or there’s too much of a charge. That’s where the Imperial Events Center comes in. The venue allows enough space and quality production potential to cater to the audiences, and also has a full bar for those fans over 21.

Nelson also strives to give these bands a place to show what they can really do. “We’re looking to feature local artists on events that are going to have them genuinely excited to come out and play,” he said. “I find as I get older, most people still kind of listen to mainly what they did in their late teens and early twenties. That makes it even more important to our community that they get exposed to the great artists we have in the Low ‘O’,”.

The events will fall on the second Friday of the month starting in May and will run through June 13. Other bands scheduled for the showcase are Brother, The Tentacles, and Father Doug, which is comprised of students from SOU. Brother is an Australian band that is the first indie band to play the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland. The Tentacles is a punk rock band with a female lead.

Rock, Roll, and Rash will cost $10 and is welcome to all ages.