Winter’s A Drag

drag queens

“Winter’s A Drag” but you don’t have to be. That seemed to be the message of what amounted to a party and dance show in the Stevenson Union as part of the campus Winterfest.

The Queer Resource Center sponsors a drag show every year featuring men in costume performing song, dance and comedic routines to pull students through the short days of winter.

Kings and Queens had almost as many wardrobe changes as there were hairstyles and colors in the audience. The eccentric host of the event was a well-known Queen whose stage name is
Diva Disaster. She frequently performs at local eaterie “Taroko” and was a headliner at the Pride Parade festivities. She spent the majority of her time between performances receiving compliments from the audience and reciprocating the appreciation. Despite a faulty microphone, Diva Disaster had no problem belting out the entertainment and even ended the show with a performance of her own which drew cheers from the crowd.

Additionally, a Queen in a leopard themed outfit by the name of Noel stole the show, performing a routine to “ It’s Raining Men” by The Weather Girls and receiving a standing ovation after her first song. Noel also performed to “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley and had the entire audience clapping along as she traipsed through the isles, pausing to high-five and give an occasional suggestive dance to a willing audience member.

In total there were nine performers, four being students at Southern Oregon University. Almost each Queen and King gave more than one performance to a variety of genres ranging from current pop hits to 80’s rock, and changed their costumes throughout the show.

Before the show began the QRC as well as many other vendors had promotion booths stationed outside offering cupcakes and other gifts to the many people waiting in line. The crowd was very diverse, and provided a backdrop of colorful hair dyes and painted on beards. Diva Disaster was quick to point out all of the “lumbersexuals” in the audience, referring to a row in the audience wearing flannel button up shirts, suspenders, and sporting both real and fake beards.

As the evening went on, the connection between the Kings and Queens performing and the audience became that progressively more familiar and daring with their antics on stage.

Diva Disaster performs all over the state of Oregon at various parades, festivals and drag shows between Southern Oregon and Portland and can be seen frequently at clubs in the area.