Love Revolution? 11th Erotic Ball Struts Stuff

erotic ballHeat, fire and ice, sugar and spice, virtue and vice, and kink. That’s what Saturday night looked like to those attending the 11th annual Erotic Ball.

“There were subs (submissives), doms (dominants), and condom balloons. People with nicknames like Beezleboobs and Pleazus, and more showed up. It was definitely a night to remember.”

Ladies in lingerie. Men in drag. And those simply strutting their “sexy” stuff gathered in the Rogue River Room of the Stevenson Union to dance and socialize, at a free event hosted by SOU’s Queer Resource Center (QRC), to help promote and facilitate body positivity, healthy sexuality, healthy relationships, and an exploration of all related-topics in a safe, supportive environment.

Everyone was encouraged to dress in whatever made them feel sexy and empowered. Whatever that looked like was up to each individuals’ imagination. The only stipulation was that all erectile tissue (nipples and genitals) were covered and that all attendees were 18 years or older. From 9pm to midnight, attendees danced to a live DJ, had their pictures taken in a photo booth, and cheer on those participating in the various contests held, such as the Best Lap Dance, Best “Debatable” Fake Orgasm, and Best Costume. Winners won a bag full of assorted goodies from the local sex shop Love Revolution, located in downtown Ashland.

“My roommate was one of the contestants for the Lap Dance contest; she won too!” told one attendee, “It was fun to watch everyone enjoy themselves and just let go.”

A few days before the event, members of the QRC exhibited plaques for passerbyers to fill out. Questions included what makes you feel sexy, what you consider to be your best feature, and what you believe consent it. Answers varied from respect to food, to compassion to the beauty in one’s eyes. These plaques later decorated the walls of the Rogue River Room during the event itself.

“It was good, could have been better.”

  • Halee Hedgpeth

“People shouldn’t have to be ashamed of their bodies, whether they’re male or female and regardless of their sexuality. This event helps create a space that we don’t always get to experience.”

  • Anonymous

The turnout for this year’s Erotic Ball wasn’t as large as the 10th annual Erotic Ball. Some complained the music selection was not as great and the volume could’ve been louder. Activities were limited to only a few contests, and there was a lack of advertisement. However, overall the general mood towards the event was positive based on the comments from the majority of attendees.