“This is the life”–Sustainable All Summer

Farm StandThree volunteers sat behind fold out tables, topped with rows of vegetable starts and greens. A butterfly drifted among the fresh produce, as SOU Center for Sustainability volunteer Kelly Fujita showed a group of students the bell peppers and strawberries. For some students, no matter their field of study, this is the life.

“I grew up outdoors, and have always been drawn to working in nature,” says senior volunteer and biology student Jessica Harper, while straightening the rows of chard and garlic, “Everything about it is really empowering”

The Southern Oregon University Center for Sustainability kicked off the first week of its second season by setting up its annual farm stand at the Stevenson Union on Thursday at 11a.m. to share the fruits of their labor with the student community. All produce available at the stand came from the SOU campus farm site, on Walker Ave.

“I was really excited about the whole idea,” said Johanna Boyd, a visual arts student, “It’s been awesome to see the property on Walker transform.”

Since breaking ground in December of 2014, the property by the softball fields has yielded everything from annual veggies and perennials, to the recent debut of it’s very own vineyard.

“I’m really passionate about food and the whole sustainable food system,” the Harper says, “We really want to share the experience with people, and the benefits of the whole process.”

The farm hosts regular work parties, 2-3 times weekly on Monday’s from 2pm-5pm, Tuesdays from 3:30-6:30pm, and Fridays from 2-5pm. The farm stand will run through July, according to volunteers, and will host additional work parties over the summer on Monday thru Thursday from 9a.m-noon, after short break in August.

“We encourage anyone and everyone to come,” Boyd says, “especially if you’re into farming!”

If you have any questions for the SOU Center for Sustainability, email Sustainability@sou.edu