Simple Sam-Bikes for Change

“How can we make it easy for people to make a difference in the world?” says young entrepreneurial team Hudson Davis, 21, and Otto Helberg, 31.

Out of Redding, California this duo has started their own business to change the face of charitable transportation through Simple SAM Bicycles USA.

bikeDavis and Helberg merged two concepts together to create a sustainable bicycle company that keeps giving beyond the rider. They discovered a South African bicycle company, Simple SAM, that opposes the “high paced and tech driven” aspects of life with a simply designed bike. The intention is “Getting back to basics”.

A Simple SAM bicycle is lightweight, aluminum frame, and designed for paved roads. It has a flip-flop hub which makes the bicycle versatile from fixed or single speed. It’s built for simplicity, style, and speed.

Inspired by the concept they decided to up this bicycle company’s game by partnering it with World Bicycle Relief, and bring it to the United States.

What makes the purchase of a bike through Simple SAM Bicycles USA unique is that for every fourth bike sold in the US they donate one purpose built bike to someone in need in Africa through the World Bicycle Relief.

Davis and Helberg explain that the heart behind the company is stewardship; “how we spend our time and money is a reflection of what we value in life”.

“We want people to feel empowered to make a difference in the world”, says Helberg.

Seniors Zach Boyd-Helm and Cole Zollinger are co-coordinators of SOU’s Bike Program at the Ecology and Sustainability Resource Center (ECOS). Zollinger says he shares the same dream as Davis and Helberg of, “spreading bike commuting to more people”.

In light of what Simple SAM Bicycles USA is doing, Boyd-Helm says, “It’s good to see people our age passionate about making a social difference”.

Boyd-Helm also mentioned that most people he has encountered aren’t willing to take the extra step when it comes to living out a sustainable life. “Their interested in it, but they’re not willing to make the jump to doing anything about it”.

Davis and Helberg say the idea that they can do something as simple as selling bicycles, while changing lives, is worth the challenges of starting this business, “Pursuing your passion is a privilege”, Helberg concludes.

You can find out more about Simple Sam Bicycles USA, and can even back their project on Kickstarter.