Next in Que: Love


A whole seven days has come and gone since you presented (or were presented) those roses, chocolates, and other Valentine’s Day affections–personally, I’m the kind of guy who breaks out the glue and water colors to craft a papier-mâché BB-8.FullSizeRender 2

So, did you win your heart’s interest or awkwardly scamper away into the night knowing you’re far from ready to begin deep and serious emotional investment? Either way, you’re in the tosses and tumbles of one of life’s all-existential threats and shares the same name of Judd Apatow’s 10-episode series for Netflix: Love.

Apatow is the man behind 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up, and Trainwreck, who found his niche in romantic comedies that often disenchant the pursuit of love rather than endear it. His latest creation remains inline with that humor while also upping the reality of dating dilemmas in 21st century.

Basically, if you enjoyed Aziz Ansari’s Masters of None, you’ll enjoy this.


Wherever you are in your tumultuous journey, you’ll likely find yourself in moments throughout Love.