Untitled Student Poetry


You sculpt absence from the

bulbous head

that I once tried to push out of my palms           


I turned over the desire

in meager fingertips



i conquer

everything orbits

my chest to my fingertips, but still,

an instinctual nightmare

it’s too late to wait around for particular


it is healthy to reconcile a contentment

without mending, or without owning

ownership can really only exist within the self

this is a how to guide

maybe malleable

but then again

how to’s shouldn’t be malleable

should they?


push things down, in some natural

progression of relational distress

love leaves blueprints, leaves marks

marks in memories,

but goes dormant in the wake

of an outward tragedy

placed upon me and i’m gone

i’m not sorry


sometimes i write about the good of what was had

i used to create a sad reminiscing, a melancholy anti-glorification


maybe it seems callous to be too prideful

but nowadays i

do what is at once the hardest, easiest, and best

weeding out toxicity with a calm detachment

and nothing touches me anymore