Explore Interpersonal Growth in the New Psychology Course, Group Exploration

Photo courtesy of Steve Miller

Come explore interpersonal growth with your undergraduate peers in Group Exploration (PSY 319 6986). This is a 1 credit pass/no pass experiential course. PSY 319 provides an opportunity to engage in self-exploration in a supportive group environment facilitated by graduate student counselors-in-training enrolled in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CMHC) master’s program. Your group will have the opportunity to explore topics such as expanding self-awareness, enhancing relationship skills, exploring your place in the world, improving stress management, implementing positive lifestyle changes, or something entirely different which your group decides on! 

This course is a wonderful opportunity to cultivate supportive relationships and get experience in a group counseling environment. Group counseling sessions take place weekly on ZOOM during a variety of times. As a student, you will attend an orientation, introduction and debriefing session, attend 8 two-hour, weekly counseling sessions, and a closure meeting at the end of the term. Throughout the term, you will keep a written journal about your experiences. 

This course does not have any tests or homework outside of the written journal, does not have any prerequisites to register, and offers an upper-division credit! Come spend the term exploring personal growth with your peers starting Spring term 2021!  We hope to see you there!

Have questions?  Please contact the graduate assistants to the CMHC program: Trinity Leonis (Leonist@sou.edu) or Steve Miller (Millers9@sou.edu).  

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