Corey King: Enhancing The Hawk’s Dining Experience

The Hawk is paying very close attention to student dietary needs. The new general manager, Corey King, and the rest of the dining staff are working hard to meet these needs by making sure that certain foods are available at every meal. For instance, there will be allergy-free and vegan options for students with important dietary restrictions. King wants students to feel safe eating in the dining commons; in addition to the new food options, there will now be a manager on duty in case any questions or issues arise. 

“The goal is to look a what we are already offering and enhance it to fit the needs of all students,” King says. He has 23 years of experience as a chef and has been the general manager of the Hawk for about four weeks now. Since then, he has managed to maintain a healthy work atmosphere. 

“I love working at the Hawk because of the environment we create,” says a student employee at the Hawk. “I’ve made a lot of friends working here.” 

King encourages students to have more conversations with the staff. He is determined to create a comfortable environment in which students can be social and feel connected to their campus. “This is your dining hall,” King insists, reiterating that the students should feel comfortable, safe, and considered while dining at the Hawk. “It’s the place where you get together to have dinner,” he states, making his goal to create a space where students can make connections and feel at home. He is aiming to create a sense of community within the dining hall. Not only is it important for students to be in this community, but the staff is also eager to get to know the student body. “One-on-one conversations” really help the staff get to know the student body and get a sense of what they need. King wants students to feel comfortable talking to the staff about any concerns they may have, or to just drop by and say hello. 

“We’re very friendly,” says another Hawk employee. The employees believe that the Hawk has branched out in a number of ways. More diverse dishes have recently been added to the menu, providing dishes that are a little more creative than just traditional Taco Tuesday cuisine. Cauliflower tacos and ramen (a college favorite) were offered to students earlier this term. The Hawk has also introduced new vegan and vegetarian options, making dishes that prove plant-based food “can also be delicious”. Vegetarian diets have become more prevalent, so The Hawk aims to provide a variety of plant-based meals for those who have those dietary requirements. They are also making an effort to have more stations open at dinnertime in order for students to have more options during the busiest mealtime. 

The Hawk is recruiting more students to be a part of the team. It is an excellent way for students to gain experience and be involved in their school community. The Hawk is working hard to take all the needs of the student body into consideration. 

“Changes are coming,” one of the employees says of the many suggestions being brought to the Hawk by the student body. “They do take time, and we are doing our best”.

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