Small Business Spotlight Spotlight: Study Hall

Coffee maintains itself as one of the centerpieces of a student’s repertoire. A delicious caffeinated beverage lends itself excellently to studious behavior, invigorating you with the energy to push through the long days expected of students. For many individuals, coffee would not be complete without the café locations they find themselves studying in, especially with the food and ambiance that such locales offer. 

Study Hall hopes to create a productive environment conducive to the life that café-loving students pursue. Through the Siskiyou’s interview with owners Brandon Mcowen and Noah Werthaiser, it’s apparent that they have crafted a location worth spending your time at. This isn’t their first experience in the food industry, with their catering business establishing them as industry professionals. After running their catering business in Study Hall’s backroom, they decided it was time for them to “create a space that authentically represents the business” they hope to create. 

That space they hoped to create is one of creativity. They aim to give students the space to study in productive groups, or individually. The environment curated in Study Hall has undoubtedly lived up to their vision. The spacious room has high ceilings and is lit by natural light pouring in through each window. Each table has enough space for 4 to 5 people to share.  Aside from the large windows, the owners have opened up wall space to local artists so they “have a place where people can admire their work and creation and incorporate that into the room.”

Involvement with these local artists showcases Study Hall’s interaction with the local community, which they certainly treasure. Study Hall sources their coffee from local Griffin Creek Coffee Roasters, who in turn source all their coffee beans from women-owned co-ops. The owners spoke about the friendly nature of the Ashland business community, stating that “everyone’s trying to support each other, and there’s room for everyone.”

That inclusive mentality the owners speak on is a strength of local Rogue Valley businesses, with a focus on LGBTQ+ acceptance. They want their business to be the kind of environment where anyone can feel welcome and find their own sense of community and belonging. That kind of acceptance also extends to those with dietary restrictions, with the owners working toward constructing a menu with options for vegan patrons and beyond.

Overall, Study Hall looks like it’s certainly a location worth considering for one’s productivity; whether you have a group project to work on for class or are just looking for a place to get a fantastic cup of coffee, Study Hall is most definitely worth a visit.

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Study Hall Ashland also offers a 15% student discount.

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