ASSOU Townhall 5/11 Recap

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The town hall started at 6:32 PM, and this time a lot more students showed up.

After the introductions, there was discussion about campus parking and food for the Hawk. Parking is still a problem for many, especially since some parking is only for teachers, and it’s hard to tell which ones are. For the Hawk, students had issues with having a meal plan, even though the Hawk has fully functioning kitchens. Also, there are discussions about how there is a lack of food on the landing for vegans and vegetarians. Another complaint brought up was how bad the Hawk is at being transparent with what is in their food, which has caused one of the students to have an allergic reaction because they got food that is not adequately labeled.

OSPRIG was also there and vented their grievances in regard to being defunded. There were five group members here, and they felt they “got the short stick” due to how much they contributed to the campus. Each of the individuals from OSPRIG who showed made their case from their campaigns. Getting hundreds of students to register to vote is a sign of SOU’s goal of sustainability and even reading out a quote from the communication advisor Erik Palmer who felt that OSPRIG deserved better. OSPRIG to these students served as both an activist group and a social group. For many, it has helped build skills for the kind of work they want to do after graduation. OSPRIG is a group that led students to become activists, leaders, politicians, etc. Its members and others who know of OSPRIG felt like they deserve better. However, while OSPRIG can become a club, and they are trying to become that to get some funding, it still means they must cut a lot back.

Another issue brought up was the sexual assault and the lack of advocacy and protection on the school’s end. SOU often relies on Title IX, which can be very vague, and there is only one Title IX coordinator on campus. The Dean of Students being the next step to report perpetrators and sexual violence will be starting on campus soon.

One student was so busy on weekdays that they had no time to work out and wondered why the Student Recreation Center wasn’t open on weekends. Unfortunately, it can’t be open on weekends due to a lack of funds. However, they are aiming to change hours from 9 to 9 Monday through Thursdays, 9 to 6 on Fridays, and hopefully start being open on weekends.

Another student, who was a veteran and is running for the non-traditional senate seat for ASSOU, mentioned they had a goal to bring more veterans on campus. Bringing their skills onto campus would hopefully help get more funding for various organizations on campus. Students who are veterans can visit the Social Justice and Equity Center for any assistance they need. The Multicultural Center will also be hosting a barbeque on May 29th.

For the next ASSOU Town hall meeting, they will bring in faculty staff from housing, teaching, and hopefully President Rick Bailey, and it will be on May 25th at 6:30 PM.

The town hall concluded at 7:22 PM.

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